Lucas Craftsmanship is a full-service team. They are seasoned and proven in all stages of the building process. You will be pleased with the level of professionalism LCI clients have grown accustomed to.

In addition to the exceptional quality, you can be sure to expect excellent service in all areas of the process of your build or renovation, from engineering and architectural planning and development, through final cleaning.
LCI is a cohesive team which maintains a consistent service and steady work flow while you are in their care. They are a family of project planners, designers, and craftsman maintain every aspect necessary to make your project run smoothly, on schedule and within the arranged budget.

The Houston Heights Association has honored LCI with their "Corporate Citizen of the Year" Award for service above and beyond expectations. Proof that their approach aims for the highest expectations. Have you seen our MEDIA PAGE?
440 Craftsman 444 Craftsman
528 Farmhouse Mid Century Bungalow
Columbia Craftsman Caffey
Delaval Kitchen Bonnette Renovation
Mid Century Mahmoud Meuller Family Home
Kennedy Home Fultz Master Bath
Modern Kitchen Lefevre Family Home
19th Century Meacham Lowther Farm House
Oakridge Bungalow Modern Guest Home
Pharis Home Shrader Pool House
Shaw Roche Southern Farm House
Shalkowski Moss
Weisfeld Vautier

If you have any questions or would like more information call or if you prefer here is our CONTACT FORM.

The LUCAS family is happy to help and if you provide us your details we will contact you very shortly.

Lucas Craftsmanship is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Houston Heights Association.

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Lucas Craftsmanship Incorporated, servicing Texas since 1994. Call us for your renovation or building project. We will gladly assist from design to the ideal finished product for your home or BUSINESS.

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