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Designing your dream bathroom

Planning for a dream house where you choose your favorite paint for your bedroom walls, select attractive wall hangings for the sitting room, buy comfortable tan leather couches for the TV lounge requires a lot of careful choices. But when the entire house looks elegantly beautiful, why leave the bathroom behind. Designing your dream bathroom is equally important.

However, one needs to think very smartly as to what should be a part of a dream bathroom. As bathrooms have the smallest areas compared to other rooms, their planning should be done wisely so that the bathroom does not feel stuffed with things and looks appealing to others.

Whatever you decide for your bathroom, pick some of the ideas mentioned below to give it an impressive look:

Attractive layout

Placement of bathroom equipment gives a completely changed look to its design. Having a sink and shower on the same wall, or putting tub, shower, and toilet on the same wall needs a thoughtful decision. However, it essential to know that a wrong placement can completely destroy the beauty of even luxurious accessories.

Picking the vanity and storage cabinets 

Being selective in choosing vanity and storage cabinets is a good practice when you need to have your dream washroom built. The one that suits the interior of your bathroom and also leaves ample space would be the right choice. The simplest, the better. If you wish to save space, you can have wall cabinets or have a freestanding cabinet with mirrors installed.

Use the windows

Windows might seem to play the most unimportant role in a bathroom; however, they can give extra life to your dream bathroom. Using the windows efficiently would change a dull look to a lively one. Putting plants on the windows can be one of the attractive additions.

Simple yet stylish

Though beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, yet the bathrooms that are cluttered with heavy equipment and accessories hardly attract anybody. A simple bathtub, sink, and mirror can do wonders and add beauty to your dream bathroom.

So if you have even the slightest idea of your dream bathroom, Lucas Craftsmanship Inc can turn it into reality. Share your desires with us, and we will design the bathroom that will work for you.

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