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We no longer talk about the future because we are living in it. These smartphones make our lives easy; how about moving a notch up and going for a high-tech kitchen? Let’s walk you through 7 modern changes that you can make in the most beloved living space of your house. Modern Technologies to Add … Continue reading “7 Smart Kitchen Technologies Perfect for A Modern Kitchen”

Are you sure you want to rip off those old cabinets and enjoy new ones in place of them? Before you do this, consider the replacement costs; is it worth the investment? If you just plainly want to turn around the aesthetics, how about refacing your cabinets in the kitchen instead? What Does Cabinet Refacing … Continue reading “Should I Reface or Replace My Kitchen Cabinets?”

Open kitchen shelving has always been in, and it’s no rocket science to understand the reason for its popularity. It offers multiple things, from a spacious and airy feel to the kitchen to an opportunity of showcasing your kitchenware with a personal touch. However, like every design, open kitchen shelving has its share of pros … Continue reading “Pros & Cons Open Kitchen Shelving”

If you have a leaky pipe in your bathroom, it can be like having a mischievous, water-loving gremlin living in your walls. You can’t live with it as a wide range of health hazards start going off, along with the obvious damage to your property. Top 10 Reasons For A Leaky Bathroom Pipe Here are … Continue reading “Is That My Pipe Leaking In The Bathroom?”

A Washroom sink does not have a typical lifespan; the time it will last depends heavily on its parts. Usually, bathroom sinks last for 10-20 years. An acrylic sink basin can last almost 50 years which amounts to half a century, but the faucet 15 to 20 years at most. So, since you won’t be … Continue reading “Things To Look Out For While Getting A Bathroom Sink”

Want to hang out with friends and family out in the open? Do not worry if your outdoor space is small and cannot accommodate huge items. Here is a quick guide to maximizing the use of your area. The Chairs A huge outdoor sofa is not necessary to make your guests comfortable. There are many … Continue reading “11 Ways To Maximize Small Outdoor Space”

Falling in love with a cabinet door based on its looks is okay, but you should consider many more factors before selecting one. It is crucial to work through some particulars, such as the cabinets must fit in well with your space for maximum use and aesthetics. The position of your cabinets in the kitchen … Continue reading “5 Factors To Ponder On While Selecting Your Cabinet Door Style”

Your kitchen is no less than a war zone, with the sauces splashing all over; you definitely do not want it on your hard-to-clean wall. This is where a backsplash tile comes in handy. Other than that, it also ties the entire look of your kitchen together. Adding a backsplash tile is the fastest and … Continue reading “How To Tile a Backsplash”

Due to the multiple features, asbestos popcorn ceilings used to be a style quotient back in the day. They were particularly popular back in the 1990s since not many options were available to increase the house’s curb appeal. The popcorn ceiling from asbestos is easy to apply, hides imperfections, and absorbs noise; some knockout features … Continue reading “Asbestos Popcorn Ceilings – Are They Still Trending?”

It is not uncommon for a shower drain to clog up. This is due to many daily practices, including using soaps with talc, fats, and wax as top contributing contents. All these three form hard residues with water and minerals in them, resulting in a clogged shower drain. Other than that, there is the presence … Continue reading “How to Deal With A Clogged Shower Drain?”

The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as an advice for any individual case or situation.


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