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So, you’ve settled on a design for your high-end kitchen remodel, and you’re excited about getting started. However, before you can get started, an LCI contractor will need to determine if your design is feasible financially. Our carpenters and technicians can accomplish just about anything you choose during a remodel. However, we’ll need to discover … Continue reading “Key Elements of a HighEnd Kitchen Remodel”

The entire purpose of a man cave is that it has every little luxury you need to unwind. Everything should have its own place and offer ease of access and functionality. That is why high end custom cabinets should be at top of your checklist when it comes to design and layout. High End Custom … Continue reading “Ways to Use High End Custom Cabinets in Your Man Cave”

As well as looking stylish and attractive to the eye, you will want the cabinets in your high end kitchen remodel to provide functionality. Customization is, therefore, a must when it comes to renovating your kitchen. Regardless of the size and shape of the area you are working with, there are a number of custom … Continue reading “Custom Cabinets Are a Must for a High End Kitchen Remodel”

Life is busy for moms – convenience and efficiency are key to making life easier. When it comes to the kitchen, moms want features that cut down on time and make cooking meals for the family enjoyable. If you are a mom and are considering a kitchen remodel, there are features that can help improve … Continue reading “Top Requested Kitchen Upgrades by Moms”

A high end kitchen is nothing but something pretty to look at without practical features that will help to make food preparation easier. Moms, especially, are looking for features that will make an otherwise exhausting day that little bit more tolerable. From the practical to the downright cute, moms love a kitchen that is the … Continue reading “High End Kitchen Features Mom Will Love”

It’s that time of year again!While you may not be the one handling all of the cleaning and maintenance of your high-end home, it may help to have a list of things to attend to, so you can make sure they all get accomplished. Planning Your Strategy You want to make sure yourbeautiful high-end home … Continue reading “Spring Cleaning & Maintenance Tips for the High-End Home”

You’re a wise consumer. You do your research on the appliances for your kitchen. You have developed a list of must-have features for each piece. You’ve researched brands, models and finishes. You know exactly what you want. The same is true of your countertop choice and flooring. But what about the cabinets? You know you … Continue reading “Choosing Custom Cabinets for Your High-End Kitchen”

With 2018 well under way, revamping your kitchen is a worthwhile renovation project. Times are changing, which means the heart of your home is in need of some revolutionary updates. Having a high end kitchenis an emerging trend. You can get ahead of the curve by incorporating some of the newest innovations in your new … Continue reading “6 Popular High End Kitchen Designs for 2018”

If you are planning on selling your home you will want it look its best. High end remodeling is a great way to enhance the areas in and around a property that will appeal to the most buyers. Think about the qualities you would look for in a home. If you are being honest with … Continue reading “How a Little High End Remodeling Can Sell Your Home”

If you have lived in Texas long enough, you have probably heard horror stories about every type of decking material. At Lucas Craftsmanship, we understand the dilemmas you face when making decisions about major home improvement projects. That’s why we are happy to let our customers know you can have your dream deck without compromising … Continue reading “Building the Right Deck for the Texas Heat”

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