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Are you searching for a new apartment or a condo? You must have filtered through the internet to find out the listings, but something got you confused? The listing says this house or apartment has one half-bath and two full baths or the other way round. So what exactly is a half bath? Before that, … Continue reading “Does Your Apartment Have A Half Bath?”

Painting can be a real chore in cold weather. When temperatures start dropping, most paints won’t dry properly, causing big problems. Some of the common problems of painting in cold weather are: Water spotting in latex paint Poor color uniformity Film cracking Extremely slow drying time How to Paint in Cold Weather If, despite the … Continue reading “How to Paint in Cold Weather?”

Kitchen Renovation Kitchens are often the central spot of any home. They are usually the gathering place of families at the start or end of every day and where they entertain. This is especially true for farmhouse kitchens. They usually have large sinks and lots of counter space. A farm-style kitchen is perfect for the … Continue reading “Farmhouse Renovation: Rooms to Renovate”

Removing your kitchen cabinets can either be a way to give your kitchen a new look or the first step in a whole kitchen renovation. Cabinet removal gives you a chance to restyle your kitchen or even dabble with modern open shelving. Whatever path you take, this step-by-step guide will show you how to remove … Continue reading “How to Safely Remove Kitchen Cabinets”

With a clean, classic look, glass offers unparalleled longevity, but it’s also highly functional in terms of your overall bathroom design. The fact is, choosing frosted doors will only hinder that beauty and functionality. Why? Here are some drawbacks of using a frosted glass shower door. Top 4 Drawbacks of a Frosted Glass Door They … Continue reading “Should You Choose Frosted Glass Shower Doors?”

If you have a windowless garage, it can be challenging to keep it cool during the hot months. Windows provide valuable natural light and ventilation, but not every garage is blessed with one. To help with this issue, here in this article, we will discuss the top 5 ways to cool your garage with no … Continue reading “How to Cool a Garage with no Windows, Top 5 Ways”

Rust can quickly create a big problem. It ruins the functionality of important machinery, and it can cost your business thousands. Having the knowledge of how to prevent rust effectively can save you money and prevent serious problems. Listed below is a list of five ways to prevent rust, so you can find one that … Continue reading “Does Oiling the Metal Prevents Rusting?”

Removing aluminum siding is not difficult, but it can be a demanding job. If you just want to remove aluminum siding and send it to the scrapyard, the work is much easier. You can just tear the stuff apart pretty quickly and have your house unwrapped in no time. But if you want to remove … Continue reading “Removing Aluminum Siding”

Most of the useful devices for hanging things on our walls were designed for drywall, not plaster. Everything from finding a stud in plaster walls to the type of fasteners you should use is different for the two types of walls. Like you, almost everyone wants to decorate their walls, so learning how to hang … Continue reading “How to Hang Things on Plaster Walls”

Plaster walls and lath are a part of life in an old house. They being beautiful or annoying depends on your situation. It is worth understanding what plaster walls are and their pros and cons. The Pros of Plaster Walls You may be surprised, but there are quite a few pros of plaster walls, more than … Continue reading “The Pros & Cons of Plaster Walls”

The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as an advice for any individual case or situation.


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