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3 Great Bathroom Vanity Options to Consider

Your vanity is often the focal point of your bathroom. However, a vanity upgrade is often just an afterthought during a home renovation. While updating your bath or shower is certainly an important part of a bathroom remodel, your vanity is another chance to design a space that truly fits your needs and personal style. Below are a few of our favorite vanity features to consider for your new bathroom.

1- Personalized Lighting

Bathroom lighting is a great opportunity to customize your space based on your exact needs. Dim vanity lighting can be installed to create a serene atmosphere or brighter lights might be used to help with makeup application. Not sure which is right for you? Consider multiple lights or a dimmer switch to customize your lighting daily.

2- Double Sinks

If you are sharing your bathroom, double sinks can make a world of difference. By giving each bathroom user their own space and water supply, you will be able to get ready for your day without getting in your partner’s way. This feature is a must-have for busy households!

3- Custom Cabinets and Storage

Cabinets and storage can provide you with a place for all of your things, even if you are working with a small space. Custom built-ins will give your bathroom an elegant look while also giving your much-needed toiletry, beauty, or accessory storage.

Ready to design your dream vanity? LCI is here to help. Our dedicated team can help you create a space that you can’t wait to use. To get started, call us at 713-864-2510.

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