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5 Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Modern Look

The bathrooms in old homes are mostly rectangular rooms with a bathtub, a plain vanity, and a toilet. In modern homes, however, bathrooms are big, spacious, well-lit, and come with many beautiful fixtures. As a result, many people want to remodel their old bathrooms and give it a more contemporary look. If you are one of the many, here are some tips that will have your bathroom looking like that of a 5-star hotel:

  1. Replace your bathtub with a shower
  2. Bathtub to shower conversion is very popular in bathroom renovations, and with good reason. It gives the room more space, a modern look, and there are many shower options from which to choose.

  3. Change your floor and wall designs
  4. Old bathrooms had linoleum flooring, new ones have natural stones: marble, granite, porcelain, etc. While replacing your flooring, don’t stop there; extend the new design to your walls.

  5. Get better lighting 
  6. Good lighting makes everything look better. Replace the lone bulb hanging from your ceiling with wall fixtures or multiple ceiling LED lights. You can play around with the lighting and use colors that make your bathroom feel relaxing.

  7. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors
  8. Mirrors serve 3 purposes; they make space seem bigger, they accentuate lighting, and they make your vanity look great. Oh, they’re also good for checking out your reflection. Fancy and ornate mirrors are better than plain ones.

  9. Get creative with colors

The bathroom is one of the few places in the home that you can try out different color schemes. Use colors that complement each other for wall and floor designs; also factor in your vanity, countertops, and lighting.

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