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Bored of The Same Old Textured Wall? It’s Time for Change

Textured walls were considered trendy probably back in the seventies, but it’s not anymore. Wondering how to get rid of textured walls? We’re here to help!
Once through with this article, you’ll have ample knowledge about what a textured wall is and how to remove it.

Textured Wall

The textured walls have patterns like swirls, flowers, or orange peels especially created to hide the signs of imperfections. Most particularly, it is done to conceal the evidence of drywall installation.
It’s a cheap and easy way to hide all the defects. You’ll find this kind of textured wall mostly in commercial and rental buildings because they sustain wear and tear.

How to Get Rid of Textured Walls?

There are multiple methods for the removal of textured walls shared in this article.

  1. Soak and scrape method
  2. Skim coat
  3. Replace the textured drywall with a new one
  4. Covering walls with another material, e.g., wood

Soak and Scrape Method

  1. Place a drop cloth on the ground and spread it evenly. Avoid plastic ones because they tend to get slippery. Get the protective gear on and start working.
  2. Fill in the pump with water and start spraying the wall. Make sure to spray the water evenly throughout the wall.
  3. Let the wall soak water completely. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes, spray again.
  4. Repeat this process at least thrice.
  5. After the texture softens, take a ladder, step up and gently start scraping off. It is advised to start from the top and work all the way to the bottom with a ten inch taping knife.
  6. Slowly scrape off using the knife; if there is any resistance, stop, spray and start again.
  7. The next step is to sand the wall using a sand pad.

Skim Coating

  1. Don your protective gear
  2. Now remove the baseboard from the wall by sliding in a putty knife.
  3. Push it forward a little.
  4. You might need extra force, use a hammer to give that push
  5. Lightly stroke and sand the surface
  6. A thin coat of mud-like structure is applied, and then sanding is done again.

Replace the Textured Drywall with a New One

This method is relatively easy as compared to the two mentioned above. It does not mess up the entire place and isn’t time-consuming. However, the whole process of installing new drywall will involve skim coating.

Covering Walls With Another Material, e.g., wood

These days wood work is very much in style, and people are covering walls with piles of wood. It is an easy way to remove that wall giving it a chic look.
You now have great ideas on how to get rid of a textured wall. Let Lucas Craftsmanship Inc., located in Houston, TX, help you move on with the process. Give us a call at 713 864 2510 for more information.

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