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Farmhouse Renovation: Rooms to Renovate

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are often the central spot of any home. They are usually the gathering place of families at the start or end of every day and where they entertain. This is especially true for farmhouse kitchens. They usually have large sinks and lots of counter space. A farm-style kitchen is perfect for the hostess that loves to bring people together with food! It has a lot of space for guests and is warm and welcoming to anyone in the house. However, the welcoming nature of a farmhouse kitchen does not have to mean old and boring! You can create a modern or minimalist kitchen as well! It all depends on the type of materials and furniture you choose.

Living Room Renovation

Farmhouses have a natural warmth built into their design. They usually feature open floor plans that leave the kitchen and living room open and connected. If you want a warm, comforting living room, the design starts with your walls. The key is to bring in a cozy color or material into the walls without it feeling overwhelming.

 Bedroom Renovation

There are common design rules that should be used in every bedroom restyling, no matter what design aesthetic you want to achieve. Do you want a room that makes you feel completely relaxed with no distraction? The room should be cozy and welcoming. Your bedroom renovation can feature many of the same design features that you use in the rest of your house.

Bathroom Renovation

One of the most common farmhouse renovation ideas is farmhouse bathrooms. This is mainly because no matter what, most homeowners want to replace an old bathroom’s fixtures and old tiling. The key to a successful and eye-catching bathroom renovation is keeping the room bright. While it may seem like wood does not fit with the large amount of water in the bathroom, there are many bathroom renovations that utilize a lot of wood. A farmhouse bathroom that pulls in simple design styles can also have a lot of modern or minimalist design influence.

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