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How To Elevate Your Small Bathroom?

People love to give a better look to every nook and corner of their home. This includes the bathroom area where things get difficult to upgrade especially when the space is too small to adjust all the things you wish to have in it.

It is always challenging yet exciting to utilize every inch of the corner of a room space without wasting an inch and be functional and elegant simultaneously.

Tips to give an illusion that a small bathroom looks big:

1) Declutter:

Start your project by taking out all bulky items from your bathroom and things that are expired or not in use. Simply stop being a hoarder of things that you also know that won’t be used.

2) Color Mood:

If you have walls that are dark and outdated, then it is time to get rid of that as it is not only making your bathroom compact but also giving a dark space, which does not work when you want to make a small room appear to look big.

The same goes for tiles; the small-inch tiles are not meant for small bathrooms, and if it has a design, then they are completely clustered, giving your bathroom a narrower look.

However, there is always a solution to a problem, and for your bathroom to appear big, do not go for a dark color but a light neutral color such as beige, pastel, or light wood color.

3) Walls and tiles:

There are a lot of options when opting for light or pastel colors. For small bathrooms, it is more appealing to go for a large plain design for the floors to give an illusion of looking more extensive, and for the walls, either go for the same tiling-like floor or go for wallpaper with a pastel and minimalist look.

You can also make one wall your accent wall or feature wall where you can experiment with different textures and themes.

4) Bathroom Accessories:

While choosing tiles and color palettes, it becomes essential to know what type of countertop and sink is needed, a toilet and shower, and other accent things.

For sinks and countertops, go for floating ones with drawers and other storage capacity. This won’t only look modern but also make it easier to clean the surface area.

For the toilet section, build a fake wall-mounted area, attach a floating toilet, and overhead, construct a cupboard made of a mirror where you can put all your essential items like medicine, bathroom cleaning, or some extra towels. To break the monochromatic look, use other toilet tools like brass, rose gold, or any medium that gives a complimentary illusion.

5) Mirror:

A mirror is a great way to create an illusion. Likewise, using mirrors smartly in your bathroom can make a huge difference to make your small bathroom spacious.

When placing a mirror over the countertop, extend it towards your toilet and make it vertically tall, covering the entire wall.

6) Shower:

Rather than going for full cubic, which everyone desires, unfortunately, there is a limitation since we have to utilize space functionally. That is why make a horizontal pavement for the shower and to avoid water splashing everywhere. Place a glass beside the shower. That will reflect more light, making your bathroom less claustrophobic.

7) Empty Corners:

For empty space, do not waste it as clever designs and good practical vision can help to utilize this space. For example, if there is space, no matter how small, you can build a vertical cupboard, place shelves and hooks for more storage, and make it neat and clean.

Closing Remarks

When it comes to small bathroom design, clever planning, which includes everything from planning to execution, choices compatible with small bathrooms, storage options to look clean, and exposure to more natural light, is vital to ensuring that even a tiny restroom can still feel spacious. Stylish finishes that are also practical.

The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as an advice for any individual case or situation.


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