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Let The Sun Shine – Maximize The Influx Of Natural Light In Your Kitchen!

Planning to revamp your kitchen? If yes, then it is time to play with aesthetics. The modern world is all about chic simplicity; you know, less is more! So, one way to achieve this goal is to maximize the influx of natural light into your kitchen space. Read on to know how your contractor can do that.

  1. Choose Glass Front Kitchen Cabinets
    Finding the correct balance between windows and cabinets is crucial when designing your kitchen. If you are keen on maximizing natural light, here’s a pro tip – go for glass front cabinets. They allow light to flow freely through the room, brightening up every corner and creating an open and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Color Choices
    Colors can do magic with light. Dark tones absorb light, which gives your kitchen a darker appearance, whereas light colors reflect light rays and make your space appear brighter.
  3. Open Kitchen Layout
    If you like socializing while cooking or want your family to have a cozy time while prepping meals, an open kitchen layout is your best option. By removing walls, create a spacious, airy environment to allow more natural light to fill the room, making it a delightful place to cook, dine, and family time.
  4. Windows
    When going for remodeling your kitchen, windows are a great starting point. Consider the direction your windows face and their effectiveness in capturing sunlight. If you have a limited area for windows, do not fret about it. You can add narrow windows between upper cabinets and shelves to welcome much-needed natural light.
    Moreover, how about trying a window backsplash below the upper cabinets? It’s a clever way to bring in more sunshine while preserving storage space.
  5. Use of Skylights
    Skylights can be an excellent addition to your kitchen and act like a sunroof if they fit your home’s style and architecture. However, proper placement is crucial for optimal functioning.
    North-facing skylights offer a soft, diffused light throughout the day, while south-facing ones may lead to overheating.
  6. Window Coverings
    You love natural light, and so does your kitchen! So, keep your window coverings light and minimal. Consider lighter fabrics that do not absorb too much light or even go curtain-free if privacy is not a major concern. Let that beautiful sunlight stream in and brighten up your cooking space!
  7. Mirrored Splash backs
    For those with limited sunlight, mirrored splash backs can work wonders. These reflective surfaces bounce light around the room, creating a luminous ambiance. If you want to add a touch of personality, antique glass splash backs offer a vintage look while keeping the space open and airy.

Closing Note

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