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Removing Aluminum Siding

Removing aluminum siding is not difficult, but it can be a demanding job. If you just want to remove aluminum siding and send it to the scrapyard, the work is much easier. You can just tear the stuff apart pretty quickly and have your house unwrapped in no time.

But if you want to remove a section of the siding and then reinstall it, that requires much more finesse. We’ll talk about both below.

How to Remove Aluminum Siding

Step 1

Peel back a corner of the siding to see what is going on under there. Knowing what is underneath will help you plan your work accordingly.

Step 2

Aluminum siding is sharp and can easily cut you, so before you do anything, put on a pair of work gloves.

Removal for Repair

Using small hooks, dig into the end of one of the pieces of siding. Pull the bottom down and away. Now you should be able to simply unzip that piece horizontally across the wall down to the end.

Removal for Restoration

If you are getting rid of the siding, grab that pry bar and start at a corner, tear into this stuff. You can just rip it off pretty easily.

Step 3

On the outside and inside corners, you may have little channels that the aluminum slots into. You can pry them off by finding the nails that hold them in place.

Step 4 Aluminum Soffits

The open eaves in old houses often get covered up and turned into what appears to be vented aluminum soffits. These soffits are very easy to remove. To remove it, just get the first one-off, and using the claw side of a hammer, just bring the rest of it down before undoing the nails.

Step 5 Insulation

Often, you’ll find insulation underneath the aluminum siding, which was nailed into the siding. Removing it is very simple and can be torn away from the building directly.

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