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Renovating Your Kitchen On A Budget: Things To Consider

Are you planning a kitchen renovation? But, you are bound by some financial limitations. We are here to tell you that you can renovate your kitchen even if you are on a budget. In this blog, we will tell you some alternative, less expensive renovation solutions that can oomph your kitchen space without costing an arm or leg.

Cost Of An Average Scale Kitchen Refresh

There are multiple factors that may affect the total cost of kitchen renovation. Such as:

  • Your geographic location
  • Scope of work
  • Size of your kitchen
  • General contractor fee
  • Type of renovation

However, if you are on a budget, an average refresh cost can range anywhere from $10,000 – $50,000. Remodeling a kitchen falls in the expensive category for obvious reasons. However, given the difference in prices, refreshing is a great way to update an old kitchen on a budget.

How Can You Renovate Your Kitchen On A Budget

Curating your dream kitchen can hold a heavy price tag along with it. But, we are here to tell you ways to save money on your kitchen upgrades without sacrificing your vision. Being tight on money is not a problem if you follow these tips to makeove your kitchen and keep the costs down.

  • Paint Cabinets
    One of the best ways to give a refreshed look to your old, shoddy kitchen is re-doing the cabinets. Cabinets serve great utility in your kitchen and take up the most space. Instead of replacing your cabinets, painting and polishing them is a cheaper alternative that can entirely transform the look of your kitchen.
  • Update Handles and Fixtures
    Small changes can have a big effect on the entire look of your kitchen. You can opt for updating hardwares to give it a modernized and stylish look. Stylish handles, pulls, and other fixtures can help bring together a more unified and clean look.
  • Paint Walls and Ceilings
    A fresh coat of paint is a universal way to change the entire look of any space. You can book a contractor to re-paint the walls and ceilings to your desired color. This provides a cheaper kitchen update which helps transform the entire look of your room and match your overall aesthetic.
  • Replacing Countertops
    If your countertop is damaged or worn-out, replacing it can make a significant difference. It can make the whole experience of working in the kitchen more satisfying and appealing. Choose a budget friendly material to keep the cost down.
  • Upgrading Lighting
    Another simple kitchen upgrade is tweaking the lighting of your kitchen. You can add more sources of light and use different tones to make your room look dated.
  • Update Flooring
    Flooring changes can be a renovation marker. You can choose from options that fit in your budget to score a more sophisticated look to your kitchen.
  • Other Kitchen Upgrades
    The list can go on depending on the clients preferences and aligned budgets. You can choose to replace old appliances, improvise storage solutions and even replace the sink for a more fruitful renovation.

Final Words

Who says you can’t renovate on a budget? Well, yes you can. All you need to do is make informed choices about the scope and extent of your renovation project. If you’re also planning to revamp your kitchen while staying within a budget, Lucas Craftsmanship can help offer cost effective and customized solutions. Dial us at (713) 864-2510

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