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Should You Choose Frosted Glass Shower Doors?

With a clean, classic look, glass offers unparalleled longevity, but it’s also highly functional in terms of your overall bathroom design. The fact is, choosing frosted doors will only hinder that beauty and functionality. Why? Here are some drawbacks of using a frosted glass shower door.

Top 4 Drawbacks of a Frosted Glass Door

They make the bathroom appear smaller

One problem with using a frosted glass shower door is that it makes the bathroom look smaller. The bigger your shower, the more space you wipe off from sightlines by installing frosted glass shower doors. On the other hand, clear custom glass doors, especially frameless ones, make the shower appear to be part of the room, making the bathroom seem larger.

Cleaning frosted glass shower door is tricky

Frosted and clear glass doors, both require some maintenance to keep them streak-free and clean. However, glass manufacturers make special clear glass designed to shed water easier, making it easy to clean the doors. While dirt and grime on frosted shower doors may be less visible, they are also easy to ignore when you’re giving your shower a good wipe.

Privacy isn’t a factor in a locked room

While you may feel that one of the benefits of a frosted glass shower door, is that it offers privacy to the one showering, the fact is, the room is already private because it has a lock. So, if you are taking the step to install frameless glass shower doors, don’t undermine the elegance with frost.

Clear glass welcomes the light in

When you install frosted doors, you end up blocking out any natural or artificial light. Not only is this a disadvantage in terms of appearance, but it can also be a safety issue if you don’t have a light directly over your shower.

If you have the choice of using a clear glass or frosted shower doors as part of your bathroom renovation, the choice is clear. Still, if you want an expert opinion, our team at Lucas Craftsmanship is eager to help you. Just give us a call at (713) 864-2510.

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