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11 Ways To Maximize Small Outdoor Space

Want to hang out with friends and family out in the open? Do not worry if your outdoor space is small and cannot accommodate huge items. Here is a quick guide to maximizing the use of your area.

The Chairs

A huge outdoor sofa is not necessary to make your guests comfortable. There are many small cozy chair options to relax on.

The good thing is that you can add style with an accent pillow for a pop of color and enhanced comfort.

Other than that, you can always use a built-in bench for seating or a fold-up one to move around in the room.


You can light up to make small areas look bigger. Moreover, they add visual interest and eliminate dark spots that make a space look smaller.

Smart Storage

Storage is a problem on decks and patios, which do not have a big room. You can add outdoor cabinets to store barbecue items, a blanket, and everything else needed for a relaxing evening.


When you lack space to paint, strips of the vibrant color blaze can be of great help to accentuate the whole area.


Horizontal space is fine, but try to make use of the vertical space to make more room on the floor. Honestly, the sky is the limit!

Move to the edges

Who likes everything crammed up in the middle? One great idea to turn a tiny outdoor space into a big one is to move your items. Seating, dining along with cooking accessories against the wall or borders enlarge the area.


Do not hog stuff if you lack space to keep them safe. Declutter your property, and give away items that are not of use.

Keep it portable

Keep a few items inside, and take them out when you use them. One such thing includes a portable hammock or extra chairs. Keeping them in will give you better space for your outdoor space.

Buy according To your size

Make sure you choose wisely, according to the space. When you select decorations or furnishings for your small area, look for thin, delicate frames rather than oversized objects with bold work. Small items look best for a less spacious backyard.


When you do not have spacious outdoor living spaces, every inch counts. That is why you must strategize and plan to work with limited space.

Let’s take the example of the grill. If you rarely spend time at bbq parties with friends or family, you must maximize the outdoor space; this is easily achievable by removing the large barbecue to have more room for resting.

Make Extra Room

Using steps or raised platforms in your outdoor setup is a good idea. You can have a separate space for cooking or seating on them.

As mentioned earlier, vertical spaces improve your small outdoor area better in terms of functionality and look.

Final Words

The best option is to buy or move your patio furniture according to the size of your setup. You can always take expert advice. To get in touch with one, call (713) 864-2510 Lucas Craftsmanship to know more.

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