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Things To Look Out For While Getting A Bathroom Sink

A Washroom sink does not have a typical lifespan; the time it will last depends heavily on its parts. Usually, bathroom sinks last for 10-20 years.

An acrylic sink basin can last almost 50 years which amounts to half a century, but the faucet 15 to 20 years at most.

So, since you won’t be changing it repeatedly, better to choose the perfect one for the job. Here’s how to pick the best sink for your bathroom.

Choose the Style of Your Bathroom

A fresh-looking bathroom greatly enhances your house style. It is an area that attracts the most buyers and is a unique space from other parts of your home.

Your bathroom and bedroom should be in symphony and work together to express your personality and style. Whether you select a traditional bowl, sleek glass, or a pedestal bowl, your choice depends on the budget.

Your financial capacity narrows down your options and is the pivotal part of the entire project.

Set Your Mount

If your ideology is to go for a sleek or clean look, it is achievable via an integrated and solid surface sink.

Moreover, there is a possibility to go for a flush mount sink for an oomph mod look.

Other than that, you can choose the top mount sink resting over the counter area for traditional design.

Material Choice

Typically, bathroom sinks are made of white porcelain or other colors at a premium amount.

Surface materials, custom solid or ready-made, are easily moldable with a sink and counter to fit your desired look or style.

You can also go for a cast iron sink since it can be easily colored to match your style; plus, it is durable and long-lasting.

Cast iron resists chipping plus breakage, so they last for a major part of one’s life.

Right Measurements

You need to calculate the exact area of your bathroom to select the right sink for yourself. Big marble counters and porcelain bathroom sinks in a small space are a no-no.

Types of bathroom sinks

There is no particular type to start with since the list is long. Some of the common ones are:

  • Pedestal sink
  • Wall-mounted sink
  • Vessel sink
  • Under-mount sink
  • Drop-in sink
  • Cabinet-style

The wall-mounted sink is pretty common and found in every basic bathroom. This style is perfect for small-size bathrooms.

Special hangers help sinks attach to the wall that comes with a frame. These structures are mounted directly on the wall without any floor support. In this, the supply lines and plumbing waste lines are exposed, so fastening them is a must.

Connect with professionals

You can always take help from a professional to help you figure out the best option for you. Bathroom designers or professionals can communicate and explain the pros and cons of different styles of sinks according to your budget.

Professionals have experience and knowledge concerning various kinds of projects that will help them take on any challenge that may arise during the installation process.

They will help you devise a work schedule to complete the job within time and budget. They are a perfect choice to take assistance from in choosing material, analyzing styles, and overall money calculation.

You can always connect with experts from Lucas Craftsmanship for more details and help.

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