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6 Amazing Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Colors For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Paint is something that can bring life to any space. And the same goes for your kitchen. The colors of your cabinet will decide how your cooking area will look and feel. The kitchen is an important and big space for any house. Therefore, the color of your cabinets must go well with the rest of the furnishing. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best kitchen cabinet colors.

Cabinet Styles

One way to choose the color scheme is by keeping in mind the style of your cabinets. If you have a classic old-styled kitchen, white or creamy colors will work best for you. But with modern styles, you can look for a wider range of colors. Bright and contrast colors will look amazing with newer designs. Go with yellow, olive, or sky blue, and add some red stripes to your wall.

Evaluate the Kitchen Size

The size of the kitchen can also help you decide the right colors for your cabinet. Is your kitchen small or big, and what about the lighting? The color of the cabinets can make your kitchen look better or worse. If you have a small space, use light tones, and darker cabinets will work well for a bigger kitchen.

Are You Keeping The House Or Selling It?

Nobody can say for sure how long they’ll live in their house. But if you’re planning to sell your house, it’s better to use neutral colors so the maximum number of people like your house.

Makeup Contrast

Making contrasts for kitchen cabinet colors with be worth investing in. For example, you can color your cabinets with dark blue and combine it with a light-colored kitchen design – let’s just say yellow or pink.

Multiple Colors

Want to play bold? It can be fun to add multiple colors to your kitchen cabinets. Plus, it will look cool! If you want to make it classy, choose a dark bold color and combine it with a lighter-toned color for your cabinet. You can just paint your cabinetry with a different color than the one you choose for the remaining kitchen. Make sure you’re not making it overly funky!

One Color, Multiple Shades

If you find neutral colors too dull and think that bold colors aren’t a good fit, find something in between. Color your upper cabinets with dark gray or something alike and use lighter tones of the same color on the cabinets under, or you can do it the other way around. This method balances things and makes them stylish.

It doesn’t matter if you are painting old cabinets or looking to paint newer ones. Always use high-quality paint so the paint and beauty can last for several years. Here at Lucas Craftsmanship, our custom cabinetry work is done to bring your dream cabinets to reality. Call us today at (713) 864-2510 and get what you’ve wished for so long.

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