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How Can You Convert A Bathroom Tub to Shower

Do you also think of this question that “Should you change the tub in your hall bathroom to a shower only, because you don’t bathe in it, and just shower?” It is not possible to provide a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but there are several things to consider.

Is It Important For You?

It is important to understand your needs before we can go ahead and answer your question. Some questions we ask are, how important is the resale value for you? What is your budget? Is it a safety concern for you? These are some of the points to consider in this situation.

Is A Bathtub Important For Resale?

When you talk about resale value, the hall bathroom is usually used by the children; hence, it should have a bathtub. Therefore, it could affect the resale value if you consider changing the bathtub to a shower only. Imagine selling your house to a family with kids; they would surely need a bathtub for their children.

What Is Your Budget?

Did you know that replacing a bathtub with a shower is going to be heavier on your pocket than just updating your current setup? Replacing the tub with a shower will require alterations to the drainage and water pipes. Moreover, the shower would need a glass covering it with doors, whereas the bathtub must be having a shower curtain rod or sliding door. One option you can consider is to replace your current bathtub with a modern and new-looking one.

Are There Any Safety Concerns?

Sometimes it is all about safety concerns. With kids growing up, some adults start using the hall bathroom, and it becomes difficult for them to step in and out of the bathtub as there is a risk they might slip. If your primary concern is safety and ease of usage instead of the resale value, it would be best if you go ahead and convert the bathtub to a shower. With elder parents at home, one of the biggest safety concerns is falling in the bathroom. Hence have a shower with a small stepover and a safety grab bar installed. You can install a corner seat and a hand-held shower in case the elderly having a standing problem.

There is no right or wrong when you consider replacing your bathtub with a shower, but you need to look at all factors. To help you decide the best route, you can call Lucas Craftsmanship, and our experienced staff will help you chose the right move. Call us now at 713-864-2510.

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