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Custom Cabinets Are a Must for a High End Kitchen Remodel

As well as looking stylish and attractive to the eye, you will want the cabinets in your high end kitchen remodel to provide functionality. Customization is, therefore, a must when it comes to renovating your kitchen. Regardless of the size and shape of the area you are working with, there are a number of custom cabinet designs that will really enhance your work space.

As a rough guide, a high end kitchen remodel should involve elements of your personal taste coupled with practicality. You obviously want a kitchen that feels like the heart of your home, but, without functionality, looks alone will leave you wanting more.

Neutral Tones

Colors such as grey, blue and white are perfect for neutral-toned cabinets in a high end kitchen remodel project. These color schemes are perfect for brightening up smaller kitchens and further opening up larger kitchens. Alternatively, you can create great contrast by opting for neutral cabinets and floors with darker worktops.

Brass or Gold Handles?

The rich tones in the design of modern brass and gold cabinet handles make for spectacular a high end kitchen remodel customization. These handles are easily integrated with any cabinet style, so you aren’t restricted in any way when it comes to matching your doors. In fact, your handles will still work for you when you next decide to remodel your kitchen.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

By incorporating under-cabinet lighting in your design, you can really highlight your worktops and create a brighter surface for food preparation. Fixtures are available in various shapes, which will result in different lighting effects. If you are considering under-cabinet lighting, you should work with a designer who understands exactly what you want for your high end kitchen remodel.

Space Savers

Space-saving cabinets are ideal for smaller areas, although they are also spectacular in larger kitchens. Cabinets that fold or use physics to utilize every square inch of space are a lifesaver for homeowners. For a high end kitchen remodel using space saving cabinets, you will need a contractor who has the expertise to pull off such a feat of engineering.

Smart Cabinets

A new high end kitchen remodel is the opportunity to go high–tech, with smart cabinets. These installations are built with automatic controls, air conditioning, stock control devices and all manner of gizmos and gadgets. Your design is only limited by your vision and your designer’s ability to incorporate smart devices into your cabinets.

Rising and lowering Cabinets

Adjustable height cabinets are especially chic in a high end kitchen remodel that features an island. The cabinet rises or lowers using mechanical components, allowing you quick and easy access to the things you need at the work station. This type of cabinetry is also recommended for people who have physical difficulties in reaching cabinets that are too high or low.

Lucas Craftsmanship can provide you with professional services if you are considering a high end kitchen remodel. Call, today, to book a consultation, so you can start the ball rolling on having your new kitchen professionally designed and installed.

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