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Top Requested Kitchen Upgrades by Moms

Life is busy for moms – convenience and efficiency are key to making life easier. When it comes to the kitchen, moms want features that cut down on time and make cooking meals for the family enjoyable. If you are a mom and are considering a kitchen remodel, there are features that can help improve the function of this key room of your home. Consider these kitchen upgrades to make the time you spend in the kitchen more efficient.

Double Ovens

If you have a big family or are often the hostess for holiday meals, a double oven can make all the difference. You can have a roast slow-cooking in one oven, with the other available for making side dishes, breads and dessert. Not only can they save time, having them built at an accessible level makes it easier to get heavy pans in and out, and keep little fingers away from hot surfaces. It is one of the kitchen upgrades that many moms request.

Island Cooking

Since many moms are opting for double ovens for baking, they can have a separate cooktop wherever they choose. An island cooktop is convenient and easy to access, making it a favorite among kitchenupgrades. This gives you more room to maneuver; consider also adding a small utility sink on the island for easy rinsing. Another option is a pot filler faucet by the cooktop, removing the need to carry large pots of water from the sink to the burner.

Pull-Out Storage

No one has time to search in dark cabinets for the specific pan or container you need, especially not busy moms. Pull-out storage in cabinets makes it easy to find what you need in a jiffy. Everything slides out into the light, making it easier to stay organized, which is a key element in efficiency. This is one of the kitchen upgrades people appreciate the most on anevery day basis.

Kitchen Upgrades for Kids

Anything that makes life easier for mom is popular in kitchen upgrades, including options for the kids. You want a kitchen that is designed for you as a mom, but with options for the kids. Some features to consider include:

  • Breakfast bar for coloring and quick snacks for the kids. This is gives them a place to sit and chat with you, without being underfoot in the kitchen. Another idea is extending the kitchen island to double as a breakfast bar or sitting area.
  • Pull out garbage/recycling bins, making it simple for kids and adults to separate garage and recyclables, all in one spot.
  • Built-in refrigerator with easy access keeps kids and other guests out of the main work area in the kitchen. Since grabbing something out of the fridge is the most common reason for kids running in and out of the kitchen, placing it on a different wall and away from the center can be helpful.

A few changes to your kitchen can make a big difference in reducing cooking and cleaning time. If you are considering some kitchen upgrades for your home in Houston area, contact our team at Lucas Craftsmanship, Inc. We have beautiful and functional options to give your kitchen a new look with innovative ideas for improving the efficiency of this popular room in your home.

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