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How to Deal With A Clogged Shower Drain?

It is not uncommon for a shower drain to clog up. This is due to many daily practices, including using soaps with talc, fats, and wax as top contributing contents. All these three form hard residues with water and minerals in them, resulting in a clogged shower drain.

Other than that, there is the presence of dirt that takes up a decisive turn after the gradual buildup.

That is not it, there is one more common culprit that clogs the shower drain and that is hair. It is amongst the worst to cause this trouble.

Women and men both lose hair, but the frequency is more in women and clogging ability due to length as well. Every strand lost from the head joins to form a ball with the dirt.

7 Methods To Unclog a Shower Drain

Here are 7 ways to unclog your choked shower drain after a bathing session.

Unclog by your hand

It is by far the easiest method to deal with a clogged shower drain, more so, if something went inside it while you were there. Firstly, wait a few minutes and let the water go off slowly and thoroughly.

Now, grab a pair of gloves, preferably rubber ones (for protecting your hands). Displace the top metal lid from the spot and grab the object obstructing water flow.

Pour Hot Boiling Water

Another efficient and low budget method is pouring hot boiling water to unclog the drains full of grease or soap residue. One word of caution, do not use this trick if the pipes are made of PVC material.

Grabbing With A Coat Hanger

Not to worry if you don’t own a drain snake, just prop a hanger down the drain with a hooked end digging into the clog.

Enzymatic Drain Cleaners

Biological or enzyme cleaners effectively work to melt the drain clog. They are eco-friendly and require no dirty work.

The Drain Snake

It resembles a metal coil with a spiral end. It is a cheap, relatively simple, and convenient solution to remove dirt and hairballs clogged up in the shower drain.


You can use either, a wet or dry vacuum to suck in the water flow obstructions. Fix the hose over the drain grille and turn on the device.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Solution

Unlike many times, do not form their solution in this trick. Simply pour the powder first and drain it with the vinegar solution. Take half a cup of baking soda and, without wasting another second, follow it with a glass of vinegar.


DIY methods are useful in many ways, but it is only a matter of one rookie mistake to turn the whole thing around. That is why we urge you to leave the work to professionals. Call Lucas Craftsmanship Inc for help.

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