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How to cut a drywall yourself?

You may think that cutting a drywall is easy with all those tutorials lined up for help. However, once you start, the reality is different. It is a lot more difficult and time consuming than it may seem.

If you have basic know-how of hardware you might not feel that it is a big deal; however, there are still chances of failure. Still if you are adamant on giving it a try, here’s a step-wise guide to make cuts in your drywall for various purposes, successfully.

How to Cut a Drywall – Electrical Outlet

Get a proper plan or a layout before you cut a part of the drywall for making electrical boxes.

  • The first step is to draw where you want to make a cut on the drywall.
  • It is best to mark it with a knife for a clean drywall cut.
  • Now, push the jab saw through and gently cut along the lines present on your layout.
  • Once all electrical outlets and related openings are cut, hold the drywall sheet up and screw it.

Making Simple Knife Cuts to Drywall

  • Most of the time, a drywall is cut using a sharp knife.
  • When the blade starts to lose its sharpness, replace it.
  • Next, make a cut on the brown paper at the back side of your board for completing the cut.
  • Rag it
  • There is no need to cut the drywall very carefully. Make a cut of around ¼ inch, for an easier fit.

Final Take Out

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