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How to Remodel Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

You have been living in the same house for over 5 years and it is starting to look jaded. While you still love your apartment, the initial excitement is gone and you’ll give anything to feel it again; however, you don’t have enough money for a complete renovation.

Here are some tips on how to change the look of your home on a tight budget:

Start small

If you think about all the changes you want to make all at once, you will get overwhelmed and discouraged. Take one room after another and outline the things that you want to look different. Make a list starting from simple tasks to complicated ones; work from the top down.

Painting is always a good place to start

Repainting your home changes how everything looks instantly. Start with your doors and wardrobes and use complementary colors. If you are unsure which colors to go with, white and black are all-time classics.

Use mirrors effectively

Mirrors are very effective in making a small room look big. It also doesn’t hurt that they can be quite inexpensive and yet make a room look elegant.

How the window affects lighting

Light coming in through windows is one of the most beautiful sights in a house. If you can afford to get bigger windows, please do. If not, get brighter curtains and let natural light change the way your apartment looks.

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