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Top High-End Kitchen Cabinet Characteristics

What are you looking for in high-end kitchen cabinet characteristics? Many homeowners look to trends for inspiration, whereas others prefer a particular style or period when choosing cabinets. In either case, elements that are often overlooked include the construction and functionality of cabinets in what is sold for a high-end kitchen.

Plywood Cabinets

Most high-end kitchen cabinets are constructed from plywood, which helps them maintain their shape and hold heavy countertops. Damage and moisture resistance are important elements of kitchen cabinets, given that it is one of the most functional rooms in the home.

The construction of high-end kitchen cabinets impacts the cabinet’s strength, which is why a full-back panel constructed from plywood is also important. There are alternatives to using a plywood back panel, including metal frames. The quality of strength in cabinets relies as much on construction as it does on the materials used, in many cases.

Quality Hinge Mechanics

Hinge mechanics will affect how long your high-end kitchen cabinets remain functional. Soft-close hinges are designed for use with doors that are opened frequently and have to deal with moisture, grease, dirt and food debris. Low-quality hinges will become still, uneven or fail altogether given enough time, resulting in doors that are off-center or hanging loose.

The same principle applies to cabinet drawers, where the glides perform much the same function as hinges. You may need heavy-duty glides if the cabinet drawers are for storing items such as pots and pans. The more weight that is applied to glides, the greater chance there is of the glides warping and drawers becoming stuck.

Modernization That Works

If you are aiming for cabinets with a modern feel and fit, mechanics play a major role in the functionality of your kitchen. Prefabricated cabinetry is designed for kitchens that adhere to specific dimensions, so make sure you do your homework before spending your dollars on high-end kitchen cabinets that do not work in the space. Cabinet doors that fold and fit still need space on either side for hinging mechanisms to work effectively.

Raising cabinets can work on very simple mechanisms; however, if glides or hinges are not strong enough to hold up the weight of the cabinet they will eventually begin to buckle. Poor quality raising cabinets may stick permanently, requiring you to pay to have the installation dismantled and repaired. Always purchase your cabinetry from a reputable manufacturer or supplier.

Custom High-End Kitchen Cabinets

One of the surest ways to guarantee high-end kitchen cabinets is by consulting with Lucas CI in Houston, Texas, for all your custom cabinetry needs. We can work with you to ensure your kitchen design concepts are brought to life using only the highest quality materials and construction techniques. Whatever your style of kitchen, Lucas CI is able to deliver custom cabinets that look and perform flawlessly.

Reach out to the experts at Lucas CI today, if you need high-end kitchen cabinets that are built to last. A team of professionals is waiting to work on your order today.

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