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Key Elements of a HighEnd Kitchen Remodel

So, you’ve settled on a design for your high-end kitchen remodel, and you’re excited about getting started. However, before you can get started, an LCI contractor will need to determine if your design is feasible financially. Our carpenters and technicians can accomplish just about anything you choose during a remodel. However, we’ll need to discover if we can do it within your budget.

Raising the ceiling during a high-end kitchen remodel to open up space and add some floor to ceiling cabinets might look great, but that’s not always possible. It might have looked great on that HGTV show you watched, but is it economically feasible? What’s beyond that ceiling? Is there a support beam that would need replacement? Are there heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts that would need to get moved or replaced?

Although moving or adding HVAC pipes is a fairly inexpensive task, replacing a support shaft could add thousands of dollars to your renovation. Refurbishing an old timber stringer and adding another faux beam to balance the look might be a less expensive option. It’s your kitchen and your choice, but it’s our job to help you stay under budget.

A Breakfast Nook

Maybe you will want to reserve space for a breakfast nook complete with a coffee station. A small office alcove with internet hook up, and built-in bookshelves is a functional and inexpensive addition to your high-end kitchen remodel.

Let’s face it, we are in an information age, and most of us want to check our email over coffee and breakfast.

Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets

Floor to ceiling cabinets, even when we don’t use many of the upper cupboards on a regular basis, looks fantastic and functional. Once you choose the color scheme and hardware, we can buy or custom-build those cabinets to your specifications.

Be careful when you choose the cabinet pulls. Although gold, silver, or porcelain can add an exciting look to your storage space, some choices will date your kitchen. Brass, for instance, looks incredible when new and after it develops a patina finish, but in between, it will look old and unkempt. Of course, if you are set on brass, there are ways to get that patinated look right away.

Your High-End Kitchen Remodel Done Your Way

Choose a color scheme for your high-end kitchen to remodel that will naturally lighten and brighten your chosen or current appliances if you’re keeping those. Your functional island, backsplash, windows, and doors should match or clash to create a perfect balance in your new kitchen. Some people love a black and white kitchen, while others want soothing colors throughout their kitchen. It’s your kitchen and your choice.

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