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How to Use Wood in Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

Wood is an excellent choice for creating contrast and striking design elements in an outdoor kitchen. You can use treated, natural or a mixture of both types of material to achieve the perfect outdoor kitchen for al fresco dining all year round. A cautionary word, however, if you are planning on incorporating wood into your outdoor kitchen design: In the often harsh Texas weather, it is critically important to opt for wood that is made to last.

Outdoor Kitchen Woods

You can use treated wood materials that are specially designed for outdoor use, but, if you want a design that really stands out, natural wood is the ideal choice.

Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is a wood that has long been used for sturdy structures, such as decking and fencing. This is a long-lasting, natural material that can withstand extremes in weather and is resistant to living invaders such as termites. It is for this reason that ipe is perfect for the construction of outdoor kitchen custom cabinets. There is a common belief that ipe is a difficult wood to work with; however, if the right blades are used, there is no reason why you cannot incorporate ipe into your outdoor kitchen in a number of ways.

Cedar and redwood are also great options for outdoor kitchen carpentry projects that can last up to 25 years with recommended maintenance. Redwood is much tougher than cedar, but both materials have their place in an outdoor kitchen. You can use cedar to great effect in custom cabinet doors – set in another ipe, redwood or even teak cabinets.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

As already mentioned, the hardy wood material is perfectly suited to custom cabinet design. A hardwood countertop made from a weatherproof material, such as ipe, cedar or redwood, is also recommended. If you are using treated wood that boasts a long lifespan, it is important to understand that it has almost certainly been injected with chemicals to improve longevity. Bear this in mind if you prefer a more natural approach to home improvements. To further reduce any barriers to using traditional wood materials for an outdoor kitchen, you may want to consider hiring a professional kitchen design company.

Lucas Craftsmanship can incorporate hard-wearing woods, such as ipe, cedar and redwood, into custom outdoor kitchen design. We can build custom cabinets and countertops to your specifications, giving you a functional and resilient food preparation space that stands the test of time. Call today, for a consultation on your outdoor kitchen design ideas

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