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Should I Reface or Replace My Kitchen Cabinets?

Are you sure you want to rip off those old cabinets and enjoy new ones in place of them? Before you do this, consider the replacement costs; is it worth the investment? If you just plainly want to turn around the aesthetics, how about refacing your cabinets in the kitchen instead?

What Does Cabinet Refacing Mean?

The whole job usually involves getting brand new doors and front sides of the drawers, their repainting, and the addition of new hardware.

How To Save Time and Money With Cabinet Refacing?
What refacing does is that it changes the exterior of your cabinets while the layout and body structure remains the same. Refacing can drastically change the overall look and style of your kitchen with less than a fraction money a remodeling job would cost.

Why Is Refacing a Good Option?

Refacing is the top-notch solution when you just want to transform the appearance of your cabinets or when the outside starts to look old and outdated. If you only need cosmetic changes to your kitchen shelves, removing them and starting over is unnecessary. In certain circumstances, vintage cabinet boxes are higher quality and more durable than newer factory-made cabinets.

How Much Does Refacing a Cabinet Cost?

Refacing is one instance when picking the cheaper alternative provides a high-quality finish. Kitchen cabinet refacing should cost no more than 25% of the cost of a full renovation.

Cabinet Replacement

Whereas refacing simply alters the way it looks, replacement allows you to completely change the arrangement as well as the function of your kitchen. To be sure, one can always simply replace the old cabinets with new ones. Homeowners that choose replacement often do it for reasons other than aesthetics.

The more modifications you plan on making, the more complex and more expensive the project will become. Renovation often involves organizing an ongoing series of separate but connected tasks, especially when remodeling the kitchen, where so many elements fit neatly together.

In a similar way, if you’ve opted to replace your cabinets, you might be tempted to replace your countertops as well. Because one thing triggers another, cabinet replacement, which is already a more laborious and expensive option than refacing, could result in much higher spending.

Final Note

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