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The Pros & Cons of Plaster Walls

Plaster walls and lath are a part of life in an old house. They being beautiful or annoying depends on your situation. It is worth understanding what plaster walls are and their pros and cons.

The Pros of Plaster Walls

You may be surprised, but there are quite a few pros of plaster walls, more than most people expect.

  1. Plaster is Stronger

As compared to drywall, the tensile strength of a solid plaster wall is way high. If you try sanding cured plaster or punching a hole in a plaster wall compared to drywall, you will be unsuccessful.

  1. Plaster is Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is the biggest reason why a thicker wall is better. Thicker plaster walls provide better thermal breaks than drywall, and that saves money on utilities.

  1. Better Sound Blocking

Plaster is thicker and harder than drywall, and because of that and its chemical properties, it blocks sound better. Great for privacy, bad for eaves-dropping.

The Cons of Plaster Walls

Nothing’s perfect, and neither are plaster walls. The above-mentioned benefits are not without their drawbacks, so it’s only fair to show both sides of the picture.

  1. Poor Signals

Those thick plaster walls weaken the WIFI and cellular signals. A basic wireless router will not work in even a small bungalow with plaster walls.

  1. Plaster Cracks

As time passes, plaster is continually curing harder and harder making it more fragile than drywall. In areas with high traffic, cracks are common in walls and especially ceilings, which can be shattered by age and gravity.

  1. Harder to Hang Things

With plaster being stronger also means it’s harder to nail or drill into, which makes it difficult to decorate.

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