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Replacement Windows vs. New-Construction Windows

When you need to buy windows for your home, you can choose between the two different types of windows: new-construction windows or replacement windows. But which one should you go for? Learning about the differences between replacement windows vs. new-construction windows can help you decide which is best for your situation.

Uses of New-Construction Windows

Building a New House

Building a house is the best example of new construction, and so is the use of new-construction windows. Here there is no need for replacement windows since no windows are being replaced.

Replacing Extremely Bad Windows

When a window turns bad, the exterior siding, framing around the window, and even floor covering is damaged. To clear it all, you will need to carry out heavy carpentry work that takes lots of time, energy, and money; it will just be as cheap and straightforward to install a new-construction window.

Uses of Replacement Windows

If this is not a new building under construction, then going with replacement windows would be better. It will not only save time and effort but will also be lighter on the budget.

Existing Window Replacement

If you have a good wall and need to replace an existing window on it, it is best to go with a replacement window; installing a new-construction window may damage the wall and create more work for you.
The best thing about using replacement windows is that you will just need to slide them horizontally while replacing very little other elements.

Using New-Construction Windows with Detachable Fins

There can be rare situations when new-construction windows have molded fins, and the replacement windows don’t. Here you can detach the fins to use it with the replacement windows.

You may now have a pretty idea of differences between replacement windows vs. new-construction windows and when to use one. But still in certain situations taking help from experts can be best for you. Call Lucas Craftsmanship at (713) 864-2510 for a piece of advice.

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