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Top 3 Reasons to Put a Shade Over a Vinyl Deck

Who doesn’t love outdoors and spending time on a vinyl deck? But do you have a roof over your vinyl deck? You must be wondering why this question is here. Here are the top three reasons to cover your deck and why this is the perfect time of the year to do it.

Block Out Heat

It does not matter how well maintained or beautiful your vinyl deck is, when scorching summer sun comes to its working, you will want to run inside. If heat is the hindrance in your enjoyment, installing a roof over your vinyl deck can provide the much-needed shade. This way you and your family and friends can enjoy the day even when the pavement is red hot.

Moreover, using a clear fiberglass deck roofs can cut down UV rays and prevent sun damage while you can enjoy the sunlight. It can be especially beneficial for you if you live in an area with mild summers. Because you don’t want to miss out on that little sunshine just because of a shelter over your deck.

Increased Party Time

You do not need to limit your barbeque parties to just when it’s warm and dry. With a roof over your deck, you can enjoy your time at any time of the year. Although food takes a little longer to cook during a cold season, you can still enjoy a grilled burger patty.


If you’re habitual of line-dried laundry but have to turn to the dryer when the weather gets wet, a sheltered deck is here at your rescue. If your deck has a shade over it, you can easily set up a rack to dry your clothes. By doing that, you can not only save on the electricity cost but also enjoy the scent of a fresh breeze in your sweaters and sheets.

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