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Why Should You Get Bidet Attachments For Your Bathrooms?

Bidets and their attachments are eco-friendly, easy-to-use items in the bathrooms that leave you cleaner than an average toilet cover roll. However, the installation may seem like a taxing task for the weekend, but note that it is pretty easy to install.

Bidets are directly fixed on the plumbing system and require professional help for installation. You may ask this question as to why bother getting it in the first place? Well, people who have installed this state that the cost may seem high at first, but it saves a fortune in the longer run. Let’s have a look at what it is, the working process, its advantages, and more.

What Is A Bidet and How Does It Work?

Bidet attachments are carefully placed under the toilet seat and have a nozzle or spray wand at an angle for cleaning after you are done. Some of the better models include adjustable sprays and heating systems too. You can opt for basic ones as well since they are more budget-friendly.

Advantages of Having Bidets Installed

Bidets are a beneficial addition to your bathrooms. The best and most important advantage is the less usage of toilet paper. This indirectly has a great impact on the environment lesser trees would be needed. Another advantage is it helps in relieving some stress on the budget as well.

Moreover, the less to no use of hands in the entire cleaning process with bidet ensures the reduction in bacterial or other germ manifestation. Also, people with conditions such as hemorrhoids find bidets a much better solution for their toilet troubles.

How to Select the Right Bidet for Yourself?

Bidet attachments are available in various models; however, all the features may not be available in basic models; therefore, choosing the right one is crucial for utilizing maximum benefits. Here are some essential pointers for you:

Adjustment of water pressure

More than one style offers the adjustment of water pressure from high to low or vice versa; this feature comes in handy when the user has hemorrhoids.

Feminine Washing Attachments

Posterior washing is available in all the models, from basic to high-end ones. However, some facilitate familial washing as well. This is achieved by the dual or modifiable nozzles.

Temperature Control

It is one of the most critical points, and feature one looks for. Some skins react adversely to cold water while newborns require warm water, so this feature helps adjustment for every individual of the family.


Bidets are a clever and beneficial investment that one should look into. Call professionals from Lucas Craftsmen Inc at 713 864 2510.

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