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4 Tips to Keep Your High-End Bathroom Remodel on Schedule

If you are having a high-end bathroom remodel carried out in your home, keeping on schedule may just save your sanity. If you don’t have another bathroom or do but also have a large family, chances are, you are going to rely on friends and family way more than you anticipate.

Even when a high-end bathroom remodel is running smoothly, the work can take time. Any interruptions to the schedule will impact your family life and, potentially, any other work you are having carried out in your home. In the latter, this may include plumbing work or completely unrelated work, due to the fact your building team may have limited labor resources to spare.

To help ensure everything stays on track and you have time to wash your hair before you pull it all out, here are four tips to keep your high-end bathroom remodel on schedule.

Prepare for a High-end Bathroom Remodel

From the moment you begin, preparation is one of your best tools for ensuring a high-end bathroom remodel is completed on schedule. You need to check permits as well as electricity, plumbing and gas considerations before work begins – never after. It is also essential to have all your other bases covered, such as dumpsters and setting up dust zones. Make sure to speak to your contractor about these details to make sure everything is clear. Ask if there are any other preparations you should make.

Organize Your Calendars

You need to make sure you are on the same page as your contractor. Do you have any engagements that are likely to hold up your high-end bathroom remodel? While that may work for you, you have to consider whether the contractor’s timeframe is based on hours worked or confined to dates. For instance, if you propose “three weeks” and the contractor agrees, you may lose days for not being available. The contractor may not be able to catch up on the work within the original timeframe. It helps to synch your calendars and work with a contractor who understands your needs.

Allow for Lead Times

Lead times may involve waiting for the delivery of designer or unique materials for your high-end bathroom remodel. Does your remodel require special equipment the contractor will have to source? If you want a realistic schedule, ask the contractor about these details and any potential delays.

Hire Professionals

Hiring professionals who specialize in high-end bathroom remodels is by far the best route to take in order to stay on schedule. Lucas CI has the reputation, experience and tools you need to get the job done on time. Call today to find out more or to get a quote on your project.

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