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Maintaining Historic Charm in a High-End Kitchen Remodel

A high-end kitchen remodel evokes notions of modernization with granite or glass countertops, sheer black cabinet doors, and every technological kitchen innovation one could imagine. The problem with that is some homeowners want a high-end kitchen to remodel that maintains historical charm.

The great news is a high-end kitchen remodel does not necessarily have to include any degree of modernization. You can retain a quaint, homely feel with a transformative kitchen design from Lucas CI. We take your vision and create a space that is aesthetically historical in charm while providing all the practicalities of a modern workspace.

Lucas CI High-End Kitchen Remodel

An example of a high-end kitchen remodel that retains its charm: Beech, white oak and oak wood effect countertops seamlessly integrate with sheer effect cabinets. The key to designing a kitchen that possesses elements of the old and new is in knowing which materials and colors work together.

Lucas CI has over 20 years experience working with owners of historic homes. We have designed and installed kitchens that incorporate traditional styles with modern conveniences to deliver a high-end kitchen remodel that doesn’t compromise the customer’s vision.

Traditional Design Elements

Believe it or not, you can actually modernize your high-end kitchen remodel with traditional design elements. Shaker cabinets and classic hardwood are the ideal combination for creating a farmhouse kitchen straight out of the 1920s. By including Victorian-era design elements, a bungalow-style kitchen is achievable without sacrificing your modern appliances.

For a space that is timeless, antique marble makes for a high-end kitchen remodel that looks spectacular in any home. If you want a snazzier look for your kitchen, there is no reason you cannot opt for a design from the era of pop art, inspired by pioneers such as Andy Warhol or David Hockney.

Lucas Craftsmanship Inc

With Lucas CI you receive a full and consultative service before, during and after the installation of your high-end kitchen remodel. Our team is committed to ensuring your ideas are brought to life with minimal disruption to the daily routine of the family. Lucas CI has been awarded “Corporate Citizen of the Year” by the Houston Heights Association, which is just one of many assurances customers have of high-quality workmanship and service.

If you have a high-end kitchen remodel design in mind and would like to hire a company that understands your needs, call Lucas CI today.

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