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Expand Your Entertainment Space With a High-end Kitchen Remodel

The function of the kitchen has evolved from a cooking-and-eating zone into a prime entertainment space. It’s where your family spends most of their time and where your guests gather when they come to visit.

If your kitchen hasn’t kept up with the times, perhaps it is time to consider a high-end kitchen remodel. It’s about more than just updating your countertops and appliances. It involves creating cohesive flow and providing versatile seating and plenty of workspace — with exquisite and sophisticated finishes.

5 Pro Tips for Your High-End Kitchen Remodel

Preparing for your kitchen remodel takes some planning. Think of your needs day-to-day and throughout the year, whether you entertain only on the holidays or every weekend. Are your gatherings formal or informal? Are you the sole cook, or does everyone jump in and help? Read our pro tips for planning your high-end kitchen remodel.

Reimagine Your Layout

Forget everything you know about your existing kitchen layout and dream of your optimal space. The traditional work triangle that allowed one person to move easily between the refrigerator, oven and sink may not work for you any longer. Maybe you need two work zones. Consider your food storage, prep and cooking needs as well as beverage service and seating spaces.

Add an Island

One of the more adaptable spaces in your kitchen, the island is an opportunity to add work space with a stove top, sink, microwave, beverage refrigerator and tons of comfortable seating.

Your island can also serve as the focal point of your kitchen. There is no need to match your cabinets. Paint or stain your island a bold or subdued complementary color.

Party on the Patio

Think outside the walls of your home about how you can take the party from inside to outside in a breeze. If your kitchen doesn’t currently have this functionality, imagine the possibilities if you could expand your entertaining space by throwing open a set of patio doors onto a new patio or deck.

Open Your Floor Plan

Everyone wants to be in on the party. If your kitchen, dining and living room spaces are separated from each other, consider taking down a wall or cutting in a pass-through window to open sight lines.

Dream of Luxe Details

If you’re going full gusto on a high-end kitchen remodel, let your imagination run wild with the possibilities. A cozy fireplace amps up the ambience, a coffered ceiling punches up the drama and a custom media cabinet keeps the game or movie front and center.

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If your fantasy is to make your high-end kitchen remodel a reality, contact Lucas Craftmanship. Our team of skilled craftsmen will assist you with everything from designing to executing the kitchen of your dreams.

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