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Top High-End Remodel Projects for 2019

Trends will apparently make a significant shift in 2019, which is important to keep in mind if you are planning a high-end remodel. Houston homeowners can expect to see designs that are more out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new than traditional ideas that have enjoyed enduring popularity.

High-End Remodel

A high-end remodel in 2019 may include replacing your kitchen, your bathroom or going all out with major renovations of your Houston home. No matter what your plans for the coming year, design and functionality are key elements that will help you create spaces that are comfortable and work for the needs of you and your family.

Kitchen Revolution

The good news is that quartz remains a countertop choice for high-end remodel material. It is durable and attractive as a focal point – a central feature in the room. Granite is fast losing its appeal with homeowners, due, in part, to the fact it is porous and can harbor nasty bacteria that can cause serious illness.

If what you want is an ultra-bright, high-end remodel for your kitchen, you may want to think again. All-white kitchens are going out of fashion fast. Although these kitchens look great when they are freshly remodeled, they are high-maintenance. White is one of the hardest colors to keep clean, and the kitchen can get messy during and after meal preparation. Everyday handling shows up much more quickly on a white or very light-colored surface.

Darker and strikingly designed kitchens are much more likely to see popularity in 2019. For your high-end remodel, consider dark countertops and cabinets with flooring that is not all-white. Linoleum flooring may provide you with designs that will create striking contrast in the kitchen.

Bathroom Breakaway

Have you recently sat back and thought about the look and functionality of your bathroom? This is the room where you and your family members get ready for the day. If the bathroom is awkward to use effectively or doesn’t provide enough light, it may be time for a high-end remodel. There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom a more efficient space, when you choose the right design elements.

Custom cabinetry is at the top of the idea list in 2019 bathroom design for many Houston homeowners. With custom cabinetry, you can transform a bathroom of any size into a much more functional space for all the family. Increased storage means there is no excuse for cluttered cabinet tops. You can maximize the space you have with a high-end remodel.

You can move fixtures and features in your bathroom with a high-end remodel or replace them altogether, with fixtures and features that better suit the space. One of the most important considerations with a bathroom remodel is how to design the room in such a way that it is ergonomic. You need to be able to use every feature in the bathroom with ease and comfort.

If you would like a high-end remodel anywhere in your home, reach out to the experts from Lucas Craftsmanship for guaranteed high quality work in Houston.

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