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Maximizing Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

If there is one thing guaranteed to ruin an outdoor entertainment space, it’s the constant need to go inside while your guests have all the fun. Turning on the lights; bringing out glasses, plates and cutlery; moving speakers and preparing snacks is just a sampling of the tasks that will keep you occupied.

Let’s face it, anyone can buy outside furniture and call it an outdoor entertainment space. In order to make your outdoor entertainment space truly worthy of the descriptor, consider maximizing the potential with customization. By bringing the conveniences of the inside to the outside, you can provide quality hosting that will leave your guests feeling wowed.

Winning & Dining

An outdoor range will allow you to prepare meals in situ for your guests. Better still, having custom cabinetry built into your outdoor entertainment space provides maximum convenience. You get to play host while also taking part and engaging with your guests at the event. No more having to excuse yourself fingertips – with all your glasses, plates, cutlery, pots and pans within easy reach, there is much less stress on the host.

Outdoor Entertainment

Providing an outdoor entertainment space can present challenges. You do not want extension wires causing a potential safety hazard to your guests. Outdoor wiring provides a safe and effective solution to providing entertainment to your guests. Forget about frequent trips inside to change the music; you can bring your outdoor entertainment space alive by putting the controls at your mid-conversation. The simple addition of outside speakers and remote access to your entertainment system will make your life much easier.


“Weather-permitting” is not something you want to be associated with your outdoor entertainment space. If the entertainment value of your outdoor space is maximized, you should be able to put out invitations without too many concerns that the weather will put a dampener on the proceedings. Of course, there are certain weather phenomena in Texas that will make spending time outside impossible. However, so long as your outdoor entertainment space provides quality shelter from moderate wind, rain and heat you can entertain most of the year round.

Lucas CI can help you expand on your vision for maximizing your outdoor entertainment space. We have the experience and skills needed to transform any space from design to implementation. Call today for a consultation with our expert team. We look forward to working with you on your outdoor entertainment space project in Texas.

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